A man walks into a bathroom and asks a guy “Fancy starting an integrated marketing agency focussing on the drug delivery sector?”

No joke.

We washed our hands, as all men do, and shook on it. The punchline is that was 17 years ago this month.

Of course there is more to that story than a chance meeting in a bathroom, but I can tell you all about it when we meet.

I wasn’t a seasoned creative or a trained copywriter. In fact, in some people’s eyes, I was barely a suit.

I remember the first technical article I wrote, about a month after Realia became reality. It was about the building of a nasal cast and how it supported nasal deposition modelling in the development of single-dose nasal drug delivery device.

I know, right? Easy start. I didn’t have a PhD. I had barely got my five-metre swimming badge. And yet I was writing a white paper on an incredibly complex subject talking to R&D guys with brains the size of planets.

The article got published in Manufacturing Chemist and I was off and running. That year I generated over $500,000 in coverage for that client alone.

Purely by accident, rather than by design, I had struck upon a formula that worked.

I took complex information that clients wanted to share and turned it into content people wanted to read.

Yes, it was deep rooted in the science, but it was also easy to digest and easy to understand. It was also a positive experience for the R&D guys. They didn’t have to write anything, they simply had to talk about the subject they loved and wait to see their name in lights.

The marketing guys loved it too. Suddenly, notoriously shy scientists are engaged in comms. The brand is delivering high-quality content with the lowest of touches. They were consistently sharing their intelligence with the world.

Today, we work with market leaders in every aspect of drug delivery, including transdermal, injectable, pulmonary, nasal and ophthalmic. Together we generate a wide range of content ideas from the purely scientific to macro subjects such as D&I, ESG and employer branding.

Like most teenagers, we want more. And unlike the teenager stereotype, we are up early, motivated and keen to learn.

That’s my story, it would be great to learn more about yours!


PW – May 2022