Many companies, right across a range of sectors, are heading into a perfect storm of poor cash flow, increased demand and reduced resources.

So, here’s the conundrum – how do you fulfil an increase in demand, with less resource, less cash to buy back more resource and still maintain quality and quantity of output to ensure you do get paid, you do improve cash flow and you do fulfil any demands?

This conundrum is brought into even sharper focus for marketing agencies right across the land, but particularly for larger agencies in London where simply the cost of ‘being’ is so great that the storm clouds could turn into an inescapable tornado that decimates all in its wake.

There is no question that when it comes to London, you have a stunning choice of top-class creative shops, imaginative, strategic led consultancies, and out towards E1, a bunch of funky start-ups. But do any of them offer an integrated approach, with value and agility to support their nipple hardening, mouth-watering, brain exploding creativity? Unlikely.

For starters, you do not base yourself in London to offer value. And whatever they tell you about the ‘new norm’, speed is never going to come in an agency where at least four different people from different departments need to approve the brief before it can be worked on.

As for an omni-channel approach, well just this week Campaign magazine was suggesting that ‘integrated’ is the buzzword for this decade.

Here’s my assumption. Right now, you need brilliant ideas, done quickly, done cheaply, done brilliantly. And that does require you to extend your horizons. Without taking too much of a plunge. And landing yourself in deep water.

Just a little further out from E1 and still less than an hour from St. Pancras, we have been delivering integrated, intelligent, quality campaigns for some of the worlds’ market leaders in sectors such as pharmaceutical, insurance and construction. Essentially any technical B2B clients who need to be understood better by their stakeholders, both internal and external, can benefit from what we believe to be a compelling combination of efficiency, effectiveness, experience, and value. Our clients succeed sooner because we give them everything they get in London, with no downside.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air?


PW – June 2020