The Realia Pledge

At Realia, every member of the team strives to demonstrate our agency values of Quality, Agility, Intelligence, Value and Collaboration.

  • Work in an open, fair, and supportive environment, where we will do our best to communicate and collaborate effectively with each other.
  • Recognise and respect the value of everyone’s contributions, creative ideas, work ethic, life experience and approaches to problem solving without discrimination.
  • Demonstrate initiative, have energy and enthusiasm, tact, and diplomacy.
  • Believe in the value that we bring – as individuals, as a team, and as an agency – and reflect that belief in the work we deliver.
  • Show value in thinking as much as in doing.
  • Perform our roles effectively, ensuring client priorities are managed and deliverables are achieved.
  • Acknowledge when things have gone wrong and respond with solutions, sharing and applying the learning for the future.
  • Be on top of our game through regular review and self-development of skill sets.
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