As Realia’s Art Director, I am surrounded by creativity every day. Being immersed in new challenges, imagery, videos, and bold headlines has its perks for design inspiration, yet I always need to find inspiration away from my desk. From podcasts to TV series and coastal views, my imagination has been taking my creativity to new heights.



I have been listening to a number of design-related podcasts, which aren’t all directly linked to my area of design but have had me thinking about the interpretation of design and fellow designers’ career journeys.

The Honest Designers Show* follows four successful designers in different areas of design; such as hand lettering and product design. They discuss different trends in design, as well as the problems they have faced and overcome in their careers. This is really interesting to me, especially to hear how they have encountered challenges and grown from them.

The Crazy One* is hosted by Stephen Gates, who has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, from Disney to Google. He talks about his career journey, different experiences and the origins of the brands he’s worked with. This is great for giving me insights into the brands around me and is highly motivating.

Design Life* is about two young women in their early careers as Web Designers, which provides a further change in perspective, and allows me to interpret the creative process that web designers undertake. This kind of insight proves very helpful for when working alongside fellow designers for website projects at Realia.

TV Series

There are many Netflix shows that I have found inspiring such as Abstract: The Art of Design. This covers various design aspects, from architecture to painting and product design. This differs from the podcasts I have been listening to as it goes beyond marketing delivery and focuses on the wider form of art. Looking at the careers of designers in different fields is inspiring to see how people’s approaches to art vary.

Beyond technology

During my rural commute into work and while I breathe in the fresh sea air on my lunch break walks around Folkestone, I take the opportunity to fuel my creativity. Sometimes coming away from your everyday work and observing different forms of art can spur on new ways of thinking. I also do not underestimate the influence of my fellow creative colleagues, and at Realia our sharing of viewpoints and interpretation of briefs can be a game-changer for concept development.

*my preference is Google Podcasts, but these can also be found on other platforms.


Tom H – September 2019