We’re a friendly bunch at Realia Marketing and like to get to know our clients and working partners, so we thought it was only fair to share a little about ourselves too. 

For the next instalment of the ‘Meet Team Realia’ series, we speak to one of our Marcomms Account Managers, Marianna, who joined Realia Marketing back in September 2018…


Marianna, can you share three things about yourself that not many others may know? 

Something that doesn’t often appear in my day-to-day conversations is my interest in astronomy. When I was child, I had a keen interest in reading and loved books about science and astronomy. When I lived in Slovakia, I was also a part of a weekly observatory and astronomy club. Fast forward to today, I now love to spend a couple of evenings each week stargazing and planet watching with my astropup Gary.

As well as my love for astronomy, I’ve also got a real passion for sport, especially volleyball. In Slovakia it is seen as the ‘done thing’ that the boys play hockey and the girls play volleyball – which worked out great for me, as I loved the sport. During my short-lived volleyball career, I rose to the highest level to play in the women’s team. This was such a great experience and I was able to travel to many other countries for tournaments and trained four to five times a week. Sadly, it was not meant to be, as a couple of years down the line I developed a severe knee problem. After intensive surgery and spending six months not being able to walk, I decided to put my volleyball vest away for good. This pivotal moment actually created a butterfly effect for me, as it set me on a different trajectory in life. After recovering, I joined a bilingual school, where I learnt English and was integral to my move to the UK.

This isn’t going to be breaking news for those that have seen Gary the dog appear on Realia’s social media feeds… but I love animals. For what seemed like the longest time, I had always dreamt of having a Westie of my own, so last year the stars aligned, and I got Gary! When we went to go and pick him, he stood out to me as he was so mischievous and sweet.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I’m not going to lie… 99% of my time is spent with Gary. In my downtime from work, I like taking him to the dog park to meet his best pals. As previously mentioned, I also enjoy being active, going to the gym and running whenever I can. Now that Gary has turned one, I can combine my two passions of running and spending time with Gary!


Can you explain how your role has changed during the pandemic? 

Well to start, we’ve been busier than ever, which is great. During this difficult time, we have ensured that we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients. A silver lining of the pandemic, has been being able to interact with our clients more than ever.


What strengths do you bring to the team at Realia?

When I joined the team at Realia two years ago, I came from client side, which gave me good insight into the pressure points our clients experience every day. I also have an events background, which has helped the agency no end with in-person and virtual events. At the heart of all my work, I’m a creative problem solver and this has helped me in every challenge I’ve faced.


What advice would you give to businesses that need to step up their marketing when dealing with uncertainty? 

The first thing that they need to realise is that you need to be prepared to step up your marketing. Like any business decision, you need to invest money to make money. Why not get someone with a fresh pair of eyes to look at your marketing plans objectively? Be brave and do what you do best (your work) and leave marketing to the experts.


Connect with Marianna on Linkedin here.