Do you often feel like you’re stretched from east to west to deliver your objectives in line with your overall business’ goals and sales targets? We know your pain – you’ve got budgets to adhere to, events to manage and a million other tactical plans to deliver. It feels like you have to compromise other marketing activities as you either haven’t got the resources or time.

The consideration of working with a marketing agency, or indeed, multiple agencies with single disciplines, may stress you out further, but the often held view that you will need to micromanage, pay extortionate fees or have even more work to do doesn’t need to be a reality.

At Realia our vision is to make our clients’ lives easier and better every day, certainly not more difficult. Our integrated approach means we can serve client needs all in one place, driving up quality and consistency while driving down costs. Our role is to help you maximise marketing output. Our bespoke content model, Opportunities to Engage (OTE), allows us to achieve this every day. OTE is the action of us writing engaging content, and delivering and re-engineering it as appropriate via social media, PR, search engine optimisation and e-marketing. By recruiting ‘Content Champions’ within your business, who are specialists and can give us real insight, helps us ensure the content we create is diverse, authentic and accurate while enabling your business advocates to see their thought-leading thinking realised.

The power of content is still somewhat underestimated and it can even feel intimidating to those who do not know where to start with content generation and outreach. In this blog, we explore the benefits of the OTE approach…

Why OTE?

Everyone understands the conventional measures of OTS (Opportunities To See) and OTH (Opportunities To Hear) in traditional media. Equally, everyone understands page impressions in a digital context. But what clients really want is Opportunities to Engage – to see their audience is taking positive action to interact with them. And so our OTE (Opportunities to Engage) model was born.

The rationale for OTE is both emotive and rational. From an emotional perspective, it was ‘Be Compelling!’ We can capture people with creativity and convince them with content. Rationally there are several benefits to the OTE model – consistency of message, utilisation of resource, reduced impact on management time and of course, value for money.

There is a clear and beneficial link between offline PR, social outreach and search marketing – it all starts with relevant and engaging content.

Our commitment to an integrated approach combines the new world techniques of SEO, PPC and social media with the skills of conventional PR to provide clients with a unique and truly seamless content marketing service.

This integrated approach consistently and coherently engages audiences and drives response.

Realia's Opportunities to Engage (OTE) Model

Realia’s Opportunities to Engage (OTE) Model

Maximise content usage

Content requires nurturing on its journey to completion. It takes time and effort from getting the brief right, to gaining internal approvals and reaching a final written piece. So, why waste the opportunity to only use it once?

Content shouldn’t be seen as disposable after being shared once. It has many purposes and can be re-engineered to work across different platforms. Let’s take an example; you’ve launched a new product and we have written a press release about the news. This content can be restructured and built upon to create user case studies, a thought leadership piece, a research white paper, blogs about the different product benefits, interviews with your experts, or even a response to an existing news article (we call it news-hopping!).

Furthermore, there is presenting this news on social media, which doesn’t have to stop with words; we could use testimonials, infographics, moving images (GIFs), videos and more! Another extension to these mediums would be e-marketing – communicating your news with your contacts with specific messages catered to potential, past and present customers.

Lastly, your website should become a central promotional spot for your new product. We can optimise the keywords used about the news on your website, through organic and paid activity, so that Google can help direct customers to your content if they’ve searched the same keywords. Quite remarkable how far one piece of content can go, huh? You won’t want to waste it again! We deal with content every day, so you shouldn’t worry about this becoming a complex process as we’ll be considering all of the avenues, all of the time for you.

Increase your reach

It’s hard to reach all of your target audience in just one place. Whilst you likely know the profile of your customer base, everybody has different preferences. For example, Steve might prefer reading a glossy magazine, use LinkedIn and rarely checks his emails. Whereas John may be more digitally savvy – reading online blogs, constantly scrolling through his Twitter feed and someone who uses Google search religiously. So, as you can imagine from the different channels you could pursue with your content, you could be missing a trick if you don’t see the value in re-engineering it for all relevant platforms! Increasing your reach of message ultimately means more impressions, clicks and a bigger opportunity to engage.

Measurable engagement

The beauty of the digital world is that it allows our target audiences to engage more directly with us, and with each other. Better yet, we can easily measure the results of marketing activities. Results we can expect to monitor from our content delivery are; social media engagement, press coverage, organic website traffic, search engine ranking, email conversion rates and more. Whilst we can also easily gain feedback about the content we’ve published, build and engage brand advocacy from satisfied customers, and better develop relationships with target audiences. This data-driven insight is invaluable to shape future marketing activity and better yet allows you to demonstrate a return-on-investment to your boss and finance colleagues!

Are you feeling engaged?