Marketing teams are facing a trilogy of challenges right now – possibly less resource, probably less budget and almost certainly more expectation/scrutiny. They need to deliver campaigns that drive the bottom line, better support the sales process and protect and enhance the brand – that’s a big job…


  1. Start by understanding what good looks like right now – make sure the business understands what they want from you – and what you can do for them
  2. Build your stakeholder advocacy internally – what is the board’s spoken and unspoken agenda? How can you support sales, HR, finance, ops to make their lives easier and better?
  3. Laser focus on the one or two things you are brilliant at – demonstrate and reinforce the real value in your offer – and make sure you can measure it
  4. Only diversify or pivot in your corridor of expertise – the worst thing you can do is pivot, fail, and damage the thing you are known for doing brilliantly
  5. Be clear, be compelling, be indispensable – no-one cares about ‘we are in this together’ – they care that you can make a difference
  6. Be brave – people need leaders right now – the natural inclination is to hide but the hidden always get found – the brave get followed. And part of being brave is remaining calm, and calculated, even when all around you are panicking.


PW – August 2020