Every success we have enjoyed as an agency has been because of client faith, trust and loyalty. After one client had suffered once too often from increasing costs and deflating creative output, he suggested I go it alone. And so in 2005, and thanks to Chris Hall, the Realia story began.

Why are we called Realia?
Scientists use ‘Realia’ – objects and material from everyday life to explain a concept simply and effectively.

The early years
Having worked in agencies my entire career I had seen how they behave and was determined to do better by clients. I didn’t want to bring out the big guns for the pitch then dump the client with a junior account exec. And I was clear that we should work with like-minded clients – intelligent, creative and determined to succeed. I was also certain that existing clients were the priority – new business is of course important – but not at the risk of alienating our existing portfolio.

I was completely wedded to an integrated approach for Realia. From early on in my career, I was lucky to work with some great minds who thought about marketing holistically – not in silos of PR, advertising or any other medium. This approach is a fundamental ‘Realiaism’ today and although we do have specialists in design, digital, PR etc. they all see the bigger picture.

So, with a small group of loyal clients who used us for a wide range of things (some of which we had to learn very quickly!) we grew as they did. We gave them our very best every day and in return we were rewarded with loyalty. A real bond was built with those clients, a bond that I am proud to say remains to this day with many of those original clients.

The evolution of our proposition
In recent years we have found our experience and expertise has deepened in three markets: property insurance, drug delivery and construction. And, as a result all our growth can be attributed to organic growth with existing clients or new business in those sectors.

We came to recognise that our clients’ businesses are complex and what they appreciated from us was how we deliver proposition led, integrated outcomes, quickly, cost effectively and with purpose. We take the complex and make it easy to understand for every stakeholder.

We developed a new value proposition – ‘For brands that benefit life’ because however complex the client business, there is a common denominator, they all exist to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Realia today
Our clients have given us the opportunity to prove ourselves on an international stage and to work on extraordinarily rewarding projects. We believe that if our clients achieve their ambitions and are successful, then Realia will realise its ambitions and be successful.

The marketing world has changed significantly since 2005. Online has catapulted marketing into a new sphere of opportunity, however, the world remains fundamentally the same. Understand your audience, create a proposition that matches their aspirations with your offer and communicate that proposition effectively.

Realia tomorrow
We will continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. And we will use that learning to better ourselves and what we deliver for our clients. We will continue to reward and be rewarded by the work we do. We will always strive to reflect our values of Quality, Agility, Intelligence, Collaboration and Value.

– PW –